1. This cutie (: #alexanderjamescorley #9months


  2. so, I found out I can never have kids naturally. That fucking sucks. Next time I have a child, it has to be by csection. Basically, if I was to have a baby before modern medicine, we both would have died.


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    Some of these nurses practically accuse you of child abuse if you cosleep but then others will like silently change your baby’s diapers while you’re sleeping and then snuggle him up to you.

    I actually didn’t have a single person say anything to me about…

    They wouldn’t let me cosleep either 😒 they were like do NOT keep your baby in the bed with you.
    And I mean, the hospital bed was really high up so while I was in there it was whatever but as we as we got home in the bed he went lmao

    I had one nurse who wouldn’t because my surgery was rough, but the next night I had one that ubderstood I couldn’t move well and I was alone so she allowed it. I didn’t sleep the first 5 days, so it didn’t natter. Baha.

  4. We went to the beach and a local ice cream shop tonight and Xander was all about the plants.

  5. The places they go, the messes they make..


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    thenewestsuperhero yeah I know you have them but as far as I know regulations for midwifery and therfore birth centres are different than ours so I added that so that people know it’s UK info and anyone from the US needs to look into their own local info

    That’s true. Everything in the us is always different.

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    How Raven-Symoné Stayed Out of the Tabloids
    » Oprah: Where Are They Now? - OWN

    I can’t wait to watch this!

    Another note: her hair is fucking perffff

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    Friendly reminder to check your breasts while you’re just sitting there scrolling the internet, then reblog so your followers do the same. Two people I know were just diagnosed within the same week.



    so painfully relevant in my life right now :(

    As a nurse in a clinic that frequently diagnoses breast cancer, let me say that age has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! I have seen many as young as 25! But Please do this at least no more than once or twice a month. You won’t be able to feel a gradual change if you check your breasts everyday. Look for hard abnormal lumps. Soft, mobile masses are normal. Cancers LITERALLY feel as hard as marbles. But anything that is abnormal for you should be checked out.

    Let me say that these are very important. Due to high risk of breast cancer in my family, I always gave to be on guard, but every woman should do it regardless.

    Pretty happy that people may actually be checking breasts because of my post. The two people that were diagnosed with cancer have started treatment and one has lost all her hair already. This was for them. :)

    All boobie having persons (basically all persons since male bodied humans have boobles too) needs to keep on dis

    Always check. Beating breast cancer is always possible, especially with early detection.

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    Has anyone ever done a vegan diet? I need some tips to ease myself and my husband into it. I need meal ideas without meat. Any tips would be fantastic!

    Stir fry with carrot, buk choy, spring onion. Baby corn, peas, bean sprouts, and imitation chicken if you want to go…

    I don’t know if I’m going to go the imitation route, personally. I’ll probably end up doing it for my hubs so he sticks to it. I’ll have to find where I can get that stuff.


  10. mylittleandme thank you, that’s super helpful! I’ve never had a portabella mushroom, does it taste mushroomy (I don’t care but my hubs does)