2. This little guy is now in my etsy shop, and you can get him in different colors, a bow or a bow tie or nothing at all. For more info go and like my Facebook page!!!


  4. well Elijah just caused me some mischief :’)


    I just had to get ebay to call me because I was looking to see if I could have any more selling slots and while I left the room to make a cup of tea he changed my account from private to business so I was gonna get charged VAT. :’)

    the nice american lady on the phone was nice though, she laughed so much when I told her what happened she kept calling me “maam” and I swear every time she said it I got so excited. :’D
    I want her accent.

    And every american wants an English accent (:

  6. Xander made this mess. ..and it begins #alexanderjamescorley


  7. Walking with fat fat in the am is a new goal of mine. We both need more fresh air. Also, he is 6 months tomorrow! I’ve been distant from Tumblr and not as conversive and active as normal, but being a mom and in school and trying to start a side business makes me a bit tired by the end of the day.

    I do love you all.


  8. gothmommy-youngprolife:

    I always hear new mothers talk about how they hardly have time to pee or sleep and I really don’t have that problem with Flynn. Well unless there is a storm then he freaks out really bad. He sleeps alot then cries every 3 or 4 hours for food and a diaper change might…

    I thought the same about my son. He is still easy but he has an issue if he can’t see me and knows I’m around.


  9. I need some help. I need my son to start taking a bottle or a sippy cup because I want to be able to go on a date with my husband for longer than his in between feeding times. He turns 6 months this week and I could really use some tips. I’ve tried over the last 6 months to do any bottle and he won’t take them. I’ve also tried a new sippy cup this past week and he seems to just chew on it and then get mad and want to be fed. I try not to give him instant gratification after that, but any tips/tricks would be fantastic. I’m just ready for a night with my husband.

  10. Its messy, and pardon the mess but Xander and his daddy are my favorite human beings ever!!