1. This fart turned 8 months old on 9.18.14. He has 4 teeth, tries to stand on his own, climbs everything, wears size 12 months and a sweetheart. #8months

  2. Excuse the baby and adult mess and shitty picture (my phone camera has gotten worse), but we have a projector and its the coolest thing.

    Also, we are getting the rest of our stuff this weekend and I’ll possibly do a home tour if anyone wants to see it. I’ll only do it if enough people want to see it. We are slowly getting more stuff as well.

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    Marvel & Star Wars


    natalie portman fits in here

    are we just going to ignore that Agent Coulson was compare to R2-D2

    R2’s badass though

    nuff said

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  5. "Mom, I’m sick of your crap. Let me play" (excuse my just woke up face)


  6. Also its been a play and play and play and never want to sleep week and I’m just a confused and tired mother who is trying and getting no where.


  7. Xander has been fighting sleep so hard lately. Like he has been good and sleeping in his crib and now its like fuck doing anything you wanted to mom. I’m going to stay up and if you try to put me down I’ll scream bloody murder. Like uggg. I want five minutes.

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    If only…

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    Breastfeeding tip I’ve learned and wanted to share with anyone who wants to breastfeed or is breastfeeding and doesn’t already know this.

    See the closed fist? It means he’s still hungry. When he opens his fist and relaxes it, it means he’s nice and full :)

    Whoa. Wish I had known that.

    As I read this my Lil’s fist went from closed to open and I was able to unlatch easily. That’s crazy.

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