1. Xander has been enjouing screaming bloody murder if I lay him I’m his crib even after he has been asleep on me for a while. I just don’t understand or know how to break this… Its been so hard on me. I don’t know what to do at all. Amy tips would be fantastic. He just fights sleep so hard.

    Also, got the rest of our stuff from storage, so a lot of unpacking to do.


  2. Trust is such a funny thing. So is family. You think, “oh family matters, they say I should trust them and have their back” but the instanse that the going gets tough they get going. What is that? Cowardness. Untrustworthy. Bullshit. How can you lie to people you say you love as your lying to their face constantly? Like, I’m not perfect. I’ve lied to the ones I loved but I made an effort to change and fixed it. This. This is uncalled for.


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    If tumblr has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t fix stupid.


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    eyebrow gaps are better than thigh gaps reblog if u agree

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  6. This morning Xander plays with the little kitty (which is doing rather well with him), watches Elmo and occasionally mashes toys. He woke up when his dad did this morning for work so we are keeping it mellow for a while.

    Last night he was so adorable in his pajamas. Then, he went to sleep fine but was up a million times last night. ):

  8. This fart turned 8 months old on 9.18.14. He has 4 teeth, tries to stand on his own, climbs everything, wears size 12 months and a sweetheart. #8months

  9. Excuse the baby and adult mess and shitty picture (my phone camera has gotten worse), but we have a projector and its the coolest thing.

    Also, we are getting the rest of our stuff this weekend and I’ll possibly do a home tour if anyone wants to see it. I’ll only do it if enough people want to see it. We are slowly getting more stuff as well.

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    Marvel & Star Wars


    natalie portman fits in here

    are we just going to ignore that Agent Coulson was compare to R2-D2

    R2’s badass though

    nuff said

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